Edison Tech Center Pi Day Quiz 2021

1) A circular-shaped base robot in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge stops and deploys a tethered robot. The tether is exactly the length of the circumference of the base robot. What area can the tethered robot travel around the base robot?

2) An underground river empties through a 2 meter diameter smooth pipe. The pipe is 20 meters long and drops 4 meters in altitude. If the pipe is half full of water, how much water pressure is at the end of the pipe?

3) Ramen noodles are shaped like a sine wave with a wavelength of 8 millimeters. When the noodles are cooked, how long is a single noodle?

4) Steam goes through a 6 centimeter diameter pipe. How do you change the diameter of the pipe to double the steam pressure at the same temperature?

5) A DARPA Subterranean Challenge team uses light to search for a missing caver helmet. The light is too dim to see the helmet. Assuming the light is uniformly projected 720 degrees, how much would it need to be changed to double the intensity of the light?

6) Alternatively, how close would the DARPA Subterranean Challenge robot have to move to the caver helmet to double the intensity of the light?


Sources: Edison Tech Center