Edison Tech Center Videos

The Edison Tech Center is presenting unique, educational, and exciting videos about the men, women and the technologies that make our modern world possible.

Video products range from technical lectures to simplified "How it Works" explanations designed for anyone 14 years and older. We use short versions of our videos with our web resources to help explain technologies, while longer shows play on television and some are available on DVD.

Ways to watch:

Online Videos:

ONLINE Video channel featuring more refined short programs on various subjects

Mail order videos:

Full length shows 30 min. - 1 hour long, interviews, documentaries, lectures on engineering subjects and history. DVDs

Edison Tech Center Original Series:

Minerals in our Electrical World - Fast paced videos that take you from mining raw elements from the earth into all the electrical applications. Contains chemistry, math and science for educators. Follow us around the globe as we explore the incredible properties and uses of natural elements.


Wizards of Schenectady Series - Quality biographic documentaries highlighting the amazing life stories of some of the world's leading technology pioneers.

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