List of original television shows produced by the Edison Tech Center available on DVD

We have many short videos online, but much of our long-form shows are only available on DVD. Ordering DVDs helps support our cause and gives you a hard copy to keep and use. At the moment we have a few high quality documentaries available all listed below. We have many other lectures and interview shows under our Oral History Program DVD list here.

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Minerals in our Electrical World Series

Iron in our Electrical World:

Electromagnets are the building blocks of electrical technology, and iron is the material that makes it all possible. From mining and geology, to use in motors, generators, speakers, transformers and more. Featuring interviews with experts at Cliffs Natural Resources, Tesla Motors and more, This video covers a wide variety of iron uses. Learn about the properties of this amazing material.
18 min.


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Copper in our Electrical World:

Learn about one of the most important materials in electrical engineering! See how copper is mined at Morenci, AZ, and learn about its properties and what it is used in. Like all of the Minerals in our Electrical world episodes it teaches a bit on geology, physics, chemistry and engineering.
19 min.


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Wizards of Schenectady Series

Narrated by local news legends Jack Aernecke and Ernie Tetrault
. 2007
Follow the amazing life of this pioneer as he worked with plasma technologies with Albert Hull, then moved on to become manager of the G.E. Research Lab. From artificial diamonds to building the G.E. Research lab in Niskayuna his time at GE spanned some incredible times. Suits was known for his vast assortment of hobbies which he mastered.
2008 Best California Public Access Show / 2007 first place Electric City Film Fest. Length 26 min.


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WIZARDS OF SCHENECTADY - Carl Rosner - Pioneer in Superconductors
Narrated by Jack Aernecke
. 2008
Carl Rosner escaped the Holocaust to come to America in 1955. He worked with other pioneers at the Research and Development lab to make the worlds most powerful superconducting magnets. He then led Intermagnetics General - a spin-off of General Electric to success as a prime manufacturer of MRI magnets.
2008 first place Electric City Film Fest / 2009 Ballston Spa Film Fest. Length 43 min.


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WIZARDS OF SCHENECTADY - Harold Chestnut - Control and Systems
Narrated by Ernie Tetrault
. 2010
Hal Chestnut is the father of modern automatic control. From airplanes to powerplants Hal pioneered the theories and systems that run our world and provide a basis for today's electrical engineers work. He was a master leader, helping to create the IEEE in 1963, and run the International Federation of Automatic Control in the middle of the cold war. Later in life he devoted his life to find solutions for world peace and relaxing in his Lake Luzern retreat.
2010 Electric City Film Fest Length 1 hour Learn More


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WIZARDS OF SCHENECTADY - The Rice Legacy - E.W., C.W. and Martin Rice
Narrated by Joe Doolittle
. 2012
A biographic television documentary on three men who changed General Electric, and our world. E.W. Rice - Second president of GE, co-inventor with Elihu Thomson. C.W. Rice - Son of E.W., developer of better radar, sonar, and invented the modern loudspeaker with Kellogg, an invention still used in every home today. Martin Rice - head of GE's massive media influence in the early 20th century. Length 1 hour. Learn More


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WIZARDS OF SCHENECTADY - Nancy DeLoye Fitzroy - Master of Heat Transfer
Narrated by Cassandra Owen
. 2013
Nancy D. Fitzroy wrote the book on heat transfer and fluid dynamics... literally. As a pioneer in rockets, nuclear power, steam turbines and other forms of mechanical/chemical engineering she became known as the expert to go to for heat transfer problems. In addition to her career the video talks about her hobbies as a pilot and her role as the first woman president of a major engineering society (ASME). Length 35 min. See the Promo Here.


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