Media Licensing

The Edison Tech Center has a library of original video and still photos. We license out video to businesses for a fee and past clients include the History Channel, US and French national networks.

Our original photos are licensed for print and internet use. Our content has been licensed for company manuals and texts over the years. Please contact us for the latest contracts and rates.

We do not license all of our photos or video, so please specify exactly what you'd like and we can reply with rates and if the image is able to be licensed. We do not license media for free. If you'd like to use our YouTube videos in your webpage there is an embed tool built into YouTube for that purpose. If you are a teacher and would like to show our videos or material in your class using a web browser you are already allowed to do that under "Fair Use". For all forms of publication please contact us.

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Copyright 2014 Edison Tech Center. For use of ETC images and videos see our licensing agreement.