Conductivity and cost make this an indispensable material for electrical products


Copper is the most famous of electrical materials, but why? What makes copper special and why is it still so important in the modern age? See the video below where the Edison Tech Center and the Minerals Education Coalition tell the complete story of copper and what it is used for.

From mining to processing, to molecular structure the 19 minute film below will take on a unique journey:


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Copper in our Electrical World in sections:

If you are an educator and want to highlight just one techology or concept you can use the separate sections of the video.

Part 1: Intro and we smash apart electronics to show how copper is everywhere.
Part 2: Geology of copper
Part 3: Copper processing: hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy
Part 4: Properties of copper: the science copper and why it's good for electrical applications.
Part 5: Copper in wires and electromagnets
Part 6: Copper in generators and wireless
Part 7: Integrated circuits and conclusion

Copper is used in:
Electric Motors
Radio transmission
Speakers (the loud speaker)

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Welding Copper and Aluminum - from the inventor of the technique:



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The Minerals in our Electrical World Series is brought to you by the ETC and the Minerals Education Coalition:


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