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About Us

The Edison Tech Center was founded to help everyone discover the joy and life-long activity of engineering. The Schenectady area has been the workplace of some of the greatest engineers in electrical history including Steinmetz, Alexanderson, Westinghouse, Hall and more.

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Free videos and web pages about the past and present of engineering. Thousands of students use our material for fun or class assignments each day.

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Individuals, foundations and corporations have helped support the Edison Tech Center's programs over the last 14 years.

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Second Site with Blog Articles and Programs

The Edison Tech Center has launched a second site with added functionality and interactivity. EdisonTC.org hosts our Universe of Instrumentation Program, more parts of our Lighting Program and has additional features including RSS feed, blog and ability to comment on our posts. See our blog here.

Engineering History Videos

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Our original content covers new and historical topics. Videos range from high quality historical documentaries to on-the-spot interviews at current events. Last year in 2017 we reached over 2 million people via YouTube in addition to 70,000 visitors a month on our two websites. Videos cover a variety of topics from popular discussions on rocket technology to niche fields of engineering. The Edison Tech Center has defined itself as one of only a few providers of videos on certain fields or periods in engineering history.

Engineering History Videos

Annual Pi-Day Quiz: see our Pi Day Quiz and other announcements on the blog here. Connect on social media as well to receive news.

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