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The Edison Tech Center is an organization that celebrates the progression of technology and importance engineers have made in our society. We encourage everyone to understand engineering and provide multimedia resources to help them discover the world of engineering. Learn about the engineering pioneers who helped improve our world through our artifacts, or via our digital resources.

History: The Edison Tech Center was founded in 2001 under the name Edison Exploratorium and is now the Edison Steinmetz Center and known publicly as the Edison Tech Center. The organization is located in a historic epicenter of industry and engineering in the Hudson-Mohawk River Valley of New York.

Outreach: Our YouTube channel and website provides engineering information to people all over the world.
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We provide websites and videos about engineering and its legacy for the public.

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A Region built on Engineering:

Since 1795 Schenectady has attracted some of the world's greatest engineers: Edison, Westinghouse, Steinmetz, Langmuir... just to name a few. It is home to the General Electric Research Lab (GE Global Research Center), Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, RPI, Union College, and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. Interactive map of the region with engineering feats >

The "Edison" name and logo:

The Edison Tech Center is named after Edison due to his role as an internationally prominent engineer. The ETC logo depicts electrons in orbit, the use of electricity by engineers of all types is the central theme in all of our displays and online content.



The Edison Tech Center is a nonprofit with a volunteer Board of Directors
If you know anyone a passion for engineering who would like to be involved in the governance of the Edison Tech Center, contact [email protected]

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