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Sites of Engineering accomplishment:
in alphabetical order

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering 2004-now at SUNY Albany
Albany: First demonstration of an electromagnet at Albany Academy 1831 by Joseph Henry
Auburn: American Locomotive Company ALCO

Blue Mountain Lake, NY: Site of one of the first electrically powered mountain resorts in the U.S. 1882
Binghamton: Birthplace of IBM 1896 then known as the Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) Corporation (Endicott/Binghamton)
Brandon, VT: Thomas Davenport inventor of the electric motor builts the first working electric motor in 1834

Dolgeville, NY: could be the first hydro-power site in the USA 1879 (Appleton, Wisconsin claims it is the first when it opened in 1882)

Erie Canal 1825 - from Buffalo to Albany, great work of civil engineering, enabled this region to economically grow

Great Barrington, MA:
First demonstration of AC power transmission in U.S. 1886 by William Stanley

Hudson Falls, Fort Edward: GE Capacitor Business

Remington Rifle manufacture and design since 1816
Ironville, NY:
site of naturally occuring magnetic ore used in early motors, dynamos
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University

Malta, NY
: Hermes rocket project, Project Vangaurd, testing of the V2 rockets after the war, development of thrust and guidance systems

Mechanicville: Mechanicville Power Station - among the first 3 phase AC power plants in North America 1897

Pittsfield, MA
: GE Pittfield made great advancements in plastics, weaponry, and power transmission, its root was the Stanley Electric Company that made the first transformers in the world which was bought by GE in 1903

Rome: Rome Laboratory, Rome Air Development Center RADC (Strategic Air Command)

Utica: General Electric production of radios until the 1960's

: General Electric Research Center, General Electric General Engineering Lab - Click Here for a list of inventions made in Schenctady..
Some notable ones include electric power, television transmission, electric components, semiconductors, lasers, artificial diamonds, Manhattan Project, automatic control, WGY Radio station (one of first in the world) and so much more!

Schenectady: ALCO American Locomotive Company - largest steam locomotives in the world, also tank production
Schenectady: Union College established 1795, prominent college of electrical engineering
Schenectady region: Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) - countless advancements in technology
: 1908 early power transmission test line used by C.P. Steinmetz to help develop large AC power grids in the world
Syracuse, NY region: radio, television, electronic components

Troy: RPI: a premiere college for engineering (Nuclear and Physics)

Watervliet: Watervliet Arsenal engineering military weaponry since 1813, Visit the museum, also the site now houses Benet Laboratories
West Milton, NY: Fast breeder nuclear reactor developed, (for the Seawolf submarine) also additional research on nuclear power

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