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The Edison Tech Center produces all levels of videos from simple oral histories to documentaries for TV. We feature unique interviews with engineers, historians and uncover material which was previously only found in historic archives. We'll show you cutting edge technologies from research labs, and take you back to forgotten times. You can order our videos on DVD.
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ETC Original Video Series:

Wizards of Schenectady is a biographic documentary series telling the story of some of the greatest unknown innovators of our time. The series takes you into the life and times of pioneers from the era of the War of Currents to the Cold War.
Minerals in our Electrical World - Fast paced videos that take you from mining raw elements from the earth into all the electrical applications. Contains chemistry, math and science for educators. Follow us around the globe as we explore the incredible properties and uses of natural elements. This series was made in conjuction with the Minerals Education Coalition.
Universe of Instrumentation - This project focuses on the tools used by engineers and scientists. You can invent a great device and change humanity, or you can invent a great instrument that allows engineers to invent thousands of significant devices. After May 2016 we will have a DVD of all the videos in the project. This project is ongoing and only Unit I videos are available at the moment.

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