Edison Tech Center Videos

The Edison Tech Center is presenting unique, educational, and exciting videos about the engineers and the technologies that make our modern world possible.

Video products range from technical lectures to simplified "How it Works" explanations designed for anyone 14 years and older. We use short versions of our videos with our web resources to help explain technologies, while longer shows play on television and some are available on DVD.

Ways to watch:


Online Videos (Youtube Channel), videos under 10 minutes on all types of engineering.

Full Length Videos

See in-depth shows on engineering history, or documentaries on technology. Order them on DVD

ETC Original Video Series:

The Edison Tech Center has been producing educational videos since 2007. Our short format online videos reach over 100,000 a month through YouTube. Some of our full length shows are released on public access channels across the US. We have several video series which cover different educational needs:

Why Engineering?

Learn about why we love engineering! Hear from various engineers of all backgrounds.

Wizards of Schenectady

Wizards of Schenectady is a biographic documentary series telling the story of some of the greatest unknown innovators of our time. The series takes you into the life and times from the time of the War of Currents to the Cold War.

Minerals in our Electrical World

Fast paced videos that take you from mining raw elements from the earth into all the electrical applications.

GE Family Album

This series explores the history of General Electric. The tight-knit community of pioneers from around the world created a unique era in history. Contact us if you would like DVDs.

Engineering On Location

See cool technology in various locations around the world. This is a short format series with episodes published on our YouTube channel.

How It Works

Various short format (1-8 minute) videos on how a particular technology works. These videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

For DVD purchases see our page here.