The Elec-Trak

The first electric lawnmower for the masses

This tractor developed by some of the pioneers of the modern electric car at General Electric was ahead of it's time. The Elec-Trak proved popular among a small part of the population and was manufactured by GE from 1969-1975.  The tractor is still popular with its owners and there is even an "Elec-Trak Owners Club" with a forum where owners can talk about issues and solutions. The Edison Tech Center has an Elec-Trak among its collection.


Electric tractors are quiet. They produce a whirring sound which is as loud as a microwave oven. This is especially pleasant for those living in suburban environments where the sound of gasoline lawn tractors of neighbors within earshot can drone on all day long on a weekend.

Some consumers like the device because it produces no emissions, mowing the lawn or moving things around the yard no longer meant you had to breath in noxious vapors.

No heat or strong vibrations. Gasoline mowers vibrate strongly and this creates fatigue for those who have to do long jobs on the tractor. The heat generated by gasoline tractors only contributes to the unpleasant job of working on the tractor on a hot summer day.

Longevity: Unlike gasoline powered lawn mowers the Elec-Trak's simplicity helps make it reliable, many of them are still in use after 40 years. Heat and chemicals of internal combustion engines have a way of breaking down seals and wearing out parts.


Horsepower - this tractor is perfect for cutting lawns with lower grass, aerating soil, or spraying, however the lack of horsepower makes it difficult to deal with tall grass or anything requiring a lot of torque over a period of time.  Since the 1970s there have been many improvements to electric tractor technology and some new companies have new products which deal with the horsepower issue.

Winter use - as we know drawing power from a battery in cold temperatures is a problem.  The Elec-Trak has a shorter use period when using it to snowblow or plow in the winter.

Electric tractors today:

Today hobbyists are building their own tractors.  There are some interesting DIY projects on the internet which will help you convert your tractor into an electric tractor using commonly found parts.

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