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Gas Turbine Development at General Electric - by Arne Loft. GE developed many gas turbines early on, Arne talks about his coworkers and innovations. This article will be expanded again in May 2012.

Fluorescent Lamp Development - a comprehensive history by Rick DeLair (historic lighting collector)

The Blacksmith's Motor - An article about the inventor of the DC electric motor Henry Davenport. Written by Edison Tech Center member Dr. Frank Wicks. See the bottom of the biography to see the article as it was published in the Mechanical Engineering magazine in 1999.

Who invented the Induction Motor? - After examining court cases of 1901, corporate motives, and testimony, evidence suggests that Galileo Ferraris is the first inventor of the induction motor (AC motor without commutator).

Early AC Power History - By historian Joseph Cunningham, A perspective on the complex situation and many inventors of the 1880s and 1890s.

Why CFL's are a Ripoff - Rick Delair has beef with compact fluorescent bulbs, this is his argument.

Making Your Own Blank Edison Wax Cylinder - a process for making cylinders by Steve Normandin

Buhrmaster Plan for Energy - A plan for dealing with energy policy in Washington

The Tesla Myth - Dispelling some of the conspiracy theories and false attributions to Nikola Tesla.

When Oil and Gas are Depleted - Article by Roy E. Anderson

Who Invented the Fluorescent Lamp? - clearing up internet myths about the fluorescent lamp. Discussion of the legal quagmire of early electrical history, Nikola Tesla and Agapito Flores

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