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Making Your Own Blank Edison Wax Cylinder:
A system developed by Steve Normandin.

Below video: Shows a wax cylinder being etched as it is recording:



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All picture related to mold (item A) are there for reference purpose and assembly
Please acknowledge that the mold is send already assembled and upon receiving
Take it apart with the push tool (item A-1 arrow down) made for it an be careful
To check the way that each fits together in there respective order
The upper ring with holes has to go up with a bevel that should always go up
on over the taper sleeve marked inside with S (Small dia of taper) and
B (Big dia of taper) that last one is on the bottom side

To fill the mold just pour the wax till the level stabilize to around 1/4 inch or more above
Transparent plug

After the wax has cooled down and is hard, unmold the part in the following sequence:

1) Take (A-3) tool insert it into mold assembly (A) flip the mold upside down
Than take tool (A-2) arrow down, insert it in the mold center cavity and push the unused
Wax slug will come out

2) Put the mold side up (A), remove tool (A-3) and use it as a spacer under mold (A)
Don't forget to put the transparent cap over the mold cavity before taking the next step,
Take tool (A-1) side down insert it so tool down end fits over the transparent cap
and push real hard " if needed use something heavy over tool to help " once extracted
Remove wax cylinder by taping it on a flat hard surface

3) After use clean every part" don't use solvent on plastic parts" including holes
In the upper ring so the wax can flow easily
And thus avoiding any air pockets in the wax cylinder itself

4) Put everything back the way it was when the mold was received don't forget to line up the bottom part (A-4)
To bottom part of mold (A) lineup black lines before inserting

You don't need to shave to cylinders because nominal dimension have been taken care with thermal contraction of wax, without shaving

This mold wasn't tested so results may vary.

Copyright 2009 Steve Normandin

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