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Visit the Edison Tech Center or use our facilities for events or classes.

Open Public Hours:

The Edison Tech Center is NOT a museum. We have an innumerable amount of artifacts in freeform displays which allow visitors to see and touch technology. We offer the unique opportunity to see inside and pick up historic and new articles of technology. Some artifacts are explained and others require you to use internet to find out the 'mystery' of what the object is. QR codes help connect visitors with our multimedia website which helps explain how a technology works and the great engineers behind the innovation.

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Teachers, Lecturers, Company Training Classes

Hold your event/lecture surrounded by fascinating technological history. Another option for educators is to use our displays to teach concepts. We're located in historic downtown Schenectady, 1 minute walk from restaurants, minutes from the highway, General Electric, and other local high tech firms.

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The ETC has buildings full of artifacts built during the Electrical Age that reflect these emerging/converging technologies and our building at 136 Broadway is open to public access.

Technologies are displayed in various sections of the Edison. Visitors may explore freely or request information from some of our volunteers.

Q: How much time can I expect to spend at the Edison?

A: Visitors typically spend 10 minutes - 2 hours at the Edison. The amount of time depends on how in depth you want to learn about each technology. Whether you are in a rush and want to skim through, or stay a while, read every caption and chat with staff about engineering we welcome all guests.

The Edison is located less than a minute's walk from downtown Schenectady

Q: What else can I visit nearby?

A: We recommend Proctors Theater, Schenectady Historical Society, MiSci (Schenectady Museum), the 300 year old Stockade Historic District, and lunch/dinner at Little Italy or historic Jay Street just one minute from the Edison. There are many new restaurants and events in the revitalized downtown Schenectady, the Edison is only 1-3 minutes walk from most of restaurants.

Q: What age range is the ETC designed for?

A: Age 12 and up.

Age limits are 6 yrs old with adult or over 18 years without an adult. Our displays are fragile and are not designed for small children. We recommend MiSci nearby if you are looking for a place good for children with robust interactive exhibits.


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