Dolgeville Hydro-power 1879
Possibly the first hydro-electric power in North America?

The Westinghouse generator here sits in place of the original 1879 dynamo. Photo from

Dolgeville New York was known as Brockett's Bridge when manufacturing started there in 1875. Alfred Dolge was born in Germany (Saxony) in 1848, he came to Dolgeville as an investor and ran factories there. Most of his workers were German immigrants. He paid for the installation of a pre-Edison dynamo run by water power. More must be done to investigate this history. We will visit Dolgeville and find the evidence later this year.


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Photos by Michael Whelan
Technical information by Steve Normandin, Rick DeLair

Edison Tech Center, Schenectady, NY




Additional sources:

Dolgeville-Manheim Historical Society Museum

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