Welcome to the Edison Tech Center!

Technological innovation is a cornerstone of our society. We promote appreciation for the role of engineers while encouraging everyone to consider engineering as a career. We provide educational material online as well as the hands-on experience at our facility.

The Edison Tech Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. For more information: About Us and open hours

Bring Engineering into your Classroom:

See our online resources: webpages and videos useful for understanding how things electrical / mechanical things work and the history of engineering from the AC power grid to electric cars, to the electric light.

See our resources for teachers to learn more. Use our 150+ videos to help illustrate concepts.


31st Space Symposium

Learn about the latest in space technologies! The ETC attended the 31st Space Symposium. See our html news feed to see updates.

Pi Day Quiz on International Year of Light

The Edison Tech Center Pi Day Quiz this year celebrates the International Year of Light. All of the questions relate to light or light-based technologies. Take the quiz: Pi Day Quiz 2015

Electric City Bike Rescue

Put mechanical engineering to practice. The bike rescue operates at the Edison Tech Center each Thursday, teaching bike repair and maintenance.

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