Tour EL: Module 2: Fluorescent Lamps (1938)
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Quiz: Part 7

1. Fluorescent lamps use
a.) mercury and argon
b.) xenon and sodium
c.) helium and mercury
d.) xenon and mercury

2. Who was the first inventor to use phosphor coatings in a discharge tube?
a.) Thomas Edison in Orange, New Jersey
b.) Walther Nernst in Gottingen, Germany
c.) Nikola Tesla in New York
d.) Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel in Paris, France

3. What was the first commercial method for starting fluorescent lamps?
a.) pulse start method
b.) electronic start
c.) preheat method
d.) catastrophic start

4. The efficiency range in fluorescents according to this video is:
a.) 23-88 lumens per watt
b.) 46-105 lumens per watt
c.) 80-140 lumens per watt
d.) 90-100 watts per nautical mile

5. The fluorescent lamp made it's first major publicity splash in the movie "Wizard of Oz". What decade was the fluorescent lamp first released.
a.) 1940s
b.) 1920s
c.) 1950s
d.) 1930s


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