Tour EL: Module 2: The Halogen Lamp (1955)
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Quiz: Part 8

1. Where was the first halogen lamp invented?
a.) Boston
b.) Cleveland
c.) Turino
d.) Cambridge

2. If you touch the quartz envelope on a halogen lamp:
a.) it will shrink the size of the envelope
b.) the bulb will begin to leak
c.) the quartz will show a different coloration on the touched area when lit
d.) the quartz bulb will be contaminated and the bulb can explode

3. Blackening is reduced in halogen lamps because atoms of tungsten
a.) unite with the halogen gas
b.) are repelled by the halogen molecules
c.) unite with the quartz molecules
d.) orbit the filament

4. True or False: The Halogen lamp is an HID lamp
a.) false
b.) true

5. Elmer Fridrich is an important pioneer in lighting, he invented both the halogen lamp, and early electroluminescent lamps, his halogen lamp used
a.) bromine
b.) iodine
c.) metal halides
d.) chocolate

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