Tour EL: Module 2: Sodium Vapor Lamps (1931)
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Quiz: Part 6

LPS video:

1. True or False: Low pressure sodium lamps were developed before high pressure sodium lamps?
a.) false
b.) true

2. LPS lamps use a discharge through:
a.) Xenon, mercury vapor and krypton gas
b.) Sodium, argon and bromine
c.) methane and helium
d.) Sodium, argon and neon

3. If you dispose of an LPS lamp in the trash without proper proceedure it can:
a.) pollute the environment
b.) spontaniously combust
c.) set the dumpster on fire and smell up the neighborhood
d.) all of the above

HPS video:

4. HPS lamps were invented at:
a.) Werken Labs - Berlin, Germany
b.) General Electric - Schenectady, New York
c.) Siemens - Munich, Germany
Q's MI5 Lab - London, England

5. HPS gets a range of:
a.) 40-80 lumens per watt
b.) 110-190 lumens per watt
c.) 210-300 lumens per watt
d.) 80-140 lumens per watt

6. Lucalox is a special material which can stand the corrosive nature of sodium and high temperatures, it is made of:
a.) sintered aluminum oxide ceramic
b.) quartz glass with iron-oxide additives
a.) polycrystaline silicon
b.) bat wings and tiger tails


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