Tour EL: Module 2: The Metal Halide Lamp (1960s)
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Quiz: Part 11

1. The metal halide lamp was invented in Schenectady by AC power pioneer:
a.) Oliver Shallenberger
b.) Peter Cooper Hewitt
c.) Heinrich Geissler
d.) Charles P. Steinmetz

2. A metal halide lamp produces a more true "white" color than it's close counterpart, the mercury vapor lamp because of
a.) higher pressures (up to 50 PSI)
b.) shorter arc tube
c.) halide salts in the arc stream
d.) better current control from the ballast

3. You can tell a metal halide or other HID headlight by the fact that:
a.) it emits a color temperature of about 1400K
b.) it will have a cooler color temperature than standard halogen lights
c.) it has a CRI of below 50
d.) All of the above

4. True or False: Smaller MH lamps can have a high pressure of up to 700 PSI
a.) false
b.) true

5. What is a weakness of the MH lamp?
a.) poor color rendering
b.) they cannot make it into a small size
c.) 75% of the energy used makes heat
d.) it cannot achieve greater than 40 lumens per watt

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