Tour EL: Module 2: The Induction Lamp (1960s)
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Quiz: Part 12

1. Today's induction lamps use a frequency of
a.) 1.4 Ghz
b.) 2.1 Ghz
c.) 2.65 Ghz
d.) 4.51 Ghz

2. The induction lamp has a very long life, which part of the system is most likely to fail first?
a.) the ballast
b.) the pressurized envelope
c.) the insulation on the coils
d.) the phosphors

3. Who invented the first reliable and practical induction lamps for commercial sale?
a.) Heinrich Geissler
b.) J. J. Thomson
c.) Peter Cooper Hewitt
d.) John M. Anderson

4. What does the induction lamp have that the regular fluorescent lamp doesn't?
a.) use of powdered phosphors
use of mercury vapor to make light
c.) a radio frequency transmitter
d.) use of argon gas

5. An induction lamp with a donut-shaped metal ring around the entire discharge tube is a
a.) Philips QL series bulb
b.) external induction lamp
c.) internal induction lamp
d.) multibeam induction lamp

There are other types of lamps we have not covered however now you know about the top 12 forms of illumination, lets move on to the final test.

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