Tour EL: Module 2: The LED Lamp (1960s)
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1. The first LED was invented and constructed by _____.
a.) Shuji Nakamura at Nichia Corporation
b.) M. George Craford at Monsanto
c.) Silvio Rodriguez and Olga Hassarman at Cassima
d.) Robert Biard and Gary Pittman at Texas Instruments

2. The LED requires using _______ elements as a dopant, one such element is gallium arsenide.
a.) group 3 and 5
b.) group 1 and 4
c.) group 5 and 8
d.) all of the above

3. True or False: Aluminum or Silver can be used as a cathode in OLEDs.
a.) True b.) False

4. True or False: In an OLED the cathode injects electrons into the device
a.) True b.) False

5. The OLED and red LED were both invented in ________.
a.) Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
b.) State of Ohio, US
c.) Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
d.) New York State, US


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