Tour EL: Module 2: The Nernst Lamp (1897)
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Quiz: Part 3

1. Walther Nernst invented the lamp in:
a.) Amsterdam, Holland
b.) Munich, Germany
c.) Bucharest, Romania
d.) Gottingen, Germany

2. The heater helps
a.) balance the frequency of the emitted light
b.) change the pressure in the ballast
c.) keep the operators feet warm
d.) the glower to conduct electricity

3. True or False: Westinghouse was licensed to sell the lamp in North America
a.) false
b.) true

4. The ballast acts as a:
a.) capacitor
b.) resistor
c.) flux capacitor
d.) transistor

5. What are the two types of shifters used in the Nernst Lamp?
a.) magnetic and thermal
b.) plastic and ceramic
c.) automatic and standard
d.) electronic and mental


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